The Engine for Your Vision

Code4Design is a web-based software package for web developers who want to provide customizable, rebrandable, and self-managed CMS, eMarketing, and eCommerce websites to their clients.

Our customers are professional web development firms with high standards, whose clients come to them because they need to stand out from the crowd. Our system provides fully developed functionality and a blank canvas for your design. The typical convert to Code4Design has grown frustrated with commercial off-the-shelf systems that don't provide enough customization, and open source systems which in theory are infinitely customizable and community-supported, but in practice are too complex and not professionally backed.

Code4Design provides prebuilt capability that's customizable on many levels: do as little as modifying css and entering content, or as much as adding your own php coded to our open api. Customize yourself, or hire our experts to do it while you focus on design. Host on your own server or host with us. And get reliable expert support from concept to launch to ongoing revisions.

Find out what it's like to have an experienced technical partner who'll be there for you, not a patchwork of providers who don't know your name or understand your business.
Call +1 604- 638-6825 during our business hours (8am-4pm M-F Pacific time) and you'll have the unusual experience of speaking directly to someone who can answer all your questions, whether technical or business-related.


“Code4Design's off the shelf solutions are incredibly useful and versatile. We've saved clients thousands of dollars and built them better applications.”

—Jeremy Duimstra
Founding Partner
MJD Interactive

“For over seven years we've relied upon Code4Design's web solutions to solve the needs of our clients, big and small. We cannot ask for a better technology partner, and neither can you!”

—Barry Harrison
Managing Partner
Resolve Digital

“Code4Design's Content Management System is the structural backbone of our online company. At the touch of a button, we can retrieve our client's order history and easily send out promotional e-mails.”

—Elizabeth O'Rourke
Rosa y Fruta

“Code4Design's team is wonderful and easy to work with, provides excellent service and is constantly upgrading the software modules. I highly urge anyone to work with Code4Design.”

—Taina Joseph
Vice President of Marketing
Endless Graphics